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Why You Should Select IDCON as Your Reliability and Maintenance Consultant

  • We are experts in reliability and maintenance management.
    Our reliability consultants have an average of 11 years experience
    in reliability consulting and average around 30 years experience in
    the reliability and maintenance management field.
  • We work with all types of industry.
    We’ve helped businesses across the spectrum of the processing
    and manufacturing industry
    , from large companies with many
    locations to smaller companies with a single location. This means
    whatever size or industry type, chances are we’ve already got
    solid experience with your situation.
  • We work with customers all over the world.
    25% of our reliability consulting work is international. We have local
    resources in Russia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Australia
    and have customers in 52 different countries. This gives us exposure
    to the best practices worldwide.
  • We provide customized consulting.
    We do not apply a canned solutions. Reliability improvements will
    be adapted to each plant’s culture, financial constraint’s, existing
    union agreements, and the current work system.
  • Our reliability and maintenance philosophy is based on
    industry experience and common sense.
    Most importantly, it has proven to be highly accepted by operations
    and maintenance personnel, managers, as well as hourly personnel
    and union representation.
  • We are independent.
    We are not tied-in with any supplier of other services, such as
    engineering, construction, or computer systems.
  • We have a solid track record; feel free to call our references
experts in reliability and maintenance management
Reliability and Maintenance Consultant