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IDCON Privacy Policy

IDCON Privacy PolicyIDCON, INC is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Please read this Privacy Policy to understand how your personal information will be treated as you make full use of our offerings.

What This Privacy Policy Covers
This Privacy Policy covers IDCON, INC’s treatment of personally identifiable information that IDCON, INC may have in their database.

Regular mail
IDCON, INC has a database of information on individuals such as name, title, company, address, e-mail address, etc. IDCON, INC may use this information to send out advertising and newsletters by regular mail. IDCON, INC will control the information and not provide them to any other company, entity, or organization that is not owned by, or affiliated with IDCON, INC.

IDCON, INC will not send you promotional e-mail messages unless you have signed up for our electronic newsletter, or have asked to receive IDCON information specifically via e-mail. Even if you have signed up for the electronic newsletter, IDCON, INC. will make sure you can unsubscribe from receiving information at any point in time.

If you receive individual e-mails from IDCON, INC employees there may occur a promotional link in the signature, or mentioning of an upcoming event. These types of messages will only be sent as personal communication initiated by you or an IDCON employee.

IDCON, INC will never share any e-mail addresses or personal information with any company, entity, or organization not owned by, or affiliated with IDCON, INC.

Web Statistics
IDCON, INC collects visitor statistics from our web site(s) (Just as almost all web sites do). No personal information is collected except for your router IP address (or personal IP address if you don’t have a router). We don’t use the IP address for more than identifying what companies and what regions are visiting our web site.

Security and Integrity of Information
The security of your personally identifiable information is important to us and we treat our data as assets that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access. IDCON, INC employs reasonable information security techniques. Despite these security measures, no security system is absolute. IDCON, INC DOES NOT REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT YOUR PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION WILL BE PROTECTED AGAINST LOSS, MISUSE OR ALTERATION BY THIRD PARTIES.